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MKS DS1009 Servo Review/Specs

Well, another product review. This time brought to you by “Dominator”
This is the testing and thoughts about the DS1009 made by MKS Servo.
MKS is trying to penetrate the US RC car market, they are already well known in the Flying communities. Heli and Airplane guys are already using their products extensively, and seem to love it.

The best part with MKS is, they have a headquarter in Houston, so this should be interesting.
Also to worth mentioning, their bigger servos are already being used in 1/5 scale cars.
And they seem to do very well !!!


HPI RS32 Project MICRO RC 1/32

Small Project by BigAir Germanese and AmericanNitro.
Literally they are small, but don’t let that fool you. THEY ARE FUN !!!